The Universal God Source is a massive plasma structure
Emanating sparks of light or consciousness units

Stars and suns are spirally projected

Souls are externally thrust from the plasma creation source
Into lower particle dimensions

Our soul is the plasma power supply within us
The more plasma energy we have the more charged we are
And the stronger our connection to the Source
Or the Universal Power Supply of Plasma

When exposed to magnetic fields plasma will form filaments of electrical currents
This is the binding mechanism that interconnects us with others
Which is the Law of One or Unity Principle

As we embody our soul and higher consciousness patterns
Spiritual blueprints are printed inside our cells transforming us

As we develop the ability to embody plasma light
We connect more fully to the Creative Source or Cosmic Mind

We are a spiritual biological computer
And we can interface with the Universal Plasma source
With our antennae which are currents of electrical energy
That are transmitted by our thoughts and emotions

We can send receive and exchange intelligent energy with the God Source
And also with other plasma dimensions around us

There are many types of plasma beings in this multidimensional plasma universe
The strongest and most compassionate are connected to the Power Source

They can project their consciousness through many realms simultaneously
And are revealing themselves now in this Current Ascension Cycle!