The 4th state of matter is plasma
Plasma consists of ions which are atoms that become electrically charged
When the electrons move outside the cell

Our body is ionized
It has free electrons which make up our aura or lightbody

This is the alchemical process of the ascension cycle
That generates our internal plasma light
And produces higher consciousness

There is a high amount of healing plasma ray energy that is now being transmitted to our realm
By the God Source Fields
Through the universal axis

That will bring intense transfiguration in our sacral area
Shooting up the spine
And absorbed in our cells

These cosmic ray plasma transmissions contain crystal coded algorithms
Which generate new resonating tones of interdimensional frequencies

Parallel realities of 5D 6D and 7D will open up and become more accessible

The oscillating deep ultraviolet and bluish plasma light waves of the inner earth sun
Will be activated and complete a connected circuit of Aqualine Sun frequencies
Streaming into the ley lines crystal consciousness codes

Reassembling our crystal cells and fragmented spiritual body parts
Achieving for us a diamond sun crystal heart
Revealing our true essence and divine nature

When we have higher thoughts that produce higher vibrations
We tap into this energy source more easily

Our bodies are natural bio spiritual resonators
That interact and respond to harmonic oscillations

Our silicate matrix DNA template
Is the original human crystalline blueprint
That will be activated when infused with plasma light energy

These streams of consciousness will put us in a state of balance and harmony
With the electrical field surrounding us
Uniting us with the secret coded architecture of the stars and constellations

Then will the celestial choir of the angels sing once again
And the heavenly hosts will shout for joy
In the presence of the Divine!