What? A submerged city near Cuba! In about a half mile deep water! With pyramids and megalithic buildings! Sounds incredible but there it is.
There are many others. In the waters off of Yonaguni, Japan there are perfectly cut massive stone platforms with stairs and animal sculptures. There are submerged megalithic stones along with huge statues near Egypt and all around the Mediterranean. Similar underwater ruins can be found offshore beside Spain, Portugal and India.
The South Pacific is full of them. Some islands have roads made up of colossal stone blocks that lead right into the sea.
How did this happen?
The Earth is a flat plane with a system of underground telluric currents. When the charge of the electrons in these energy flows are increased to a sufficient degree the energetic particles will rush to the surface to counteract the charge imbalance. The same as what happens in a return strike following a lightning bolt. If the plasmatic influx is sustained long enough and is of sufficient intensity the land masses will rise or fall according to the distribution and rearrangement of the flow of electrical matter.
Also there was a worldwide increase of water that immersed the continental shelves after the fall of Atlantis.
At first the island of Atlantis referred to the celestial city of Saturn which was Saturn and it’s moons at close proximity to the earth plane. Also during this period there was an advanced civilization who precisely carved megalithic stones and somehow lifted them and transported them atmospherically building pyramids, temples, enormous statues and obelisks which we are unable to build today. This terrestrial civilization came to an end at the same time the heavenly kingdom of Saturn concluded. The former terrestrial kingdom was then identified with the celestial one.
The inundation of water was also a result of the melting of the ice ring. The ice ring existed in the so-called ice age which was during the time of Atlantis. The ice ring materialized because earth’s auroral ovid was energized by the close configuration of planets of which Saturn was King. This opaque ovid kept that section of land under it in perpetual darkness and cold.
Being charged it attracted water. As also did the Axis Mundi located at the polar axis and which stretched into the heavens.
Much of the attracted water in the auroral ovid fell as snow to the ground beneath it.
At the break-up of the planetary configuration the ovid lost charge and dissipated and so the ice beneath it melted. Concurrently the Axis Mundi lost charge and the Great God Saturn withdrew his arm or leg. The water engulfed therein fell to the earth.
This scenario explains how an ice age can exist. Because what is needed is heat and cold existing simultaneously. Heat for evaporation and cold for precipitation of snow which then accumulates as ice.
And this is why so many architectural wonders sit silent beneath the ocean water!