The movie Project Dark Winter
Is about a harsh winter
Weather control is obviously right now creating a severe winter

A media blitz of viral outbreaks and variants
Will result in military checkpoints at interstate borders

The unvaxxed will be forcibly removed at these checkpoints to detention centers
Where the only way out is to receive the vax
Shoot to kill orders are carried out on those who try to escape

A travel ban out of the country is also enforced
Schools and businesses are closed
And Martial Law is in effect

In 2001 there was a military exercise called Operation Dark Winter
Where a scenario of an outbreak of smallpox caused a military takeover

Smallpox has recently been said to have surfaced in Africa and to be spreading

This is a repeat of the 1918 Spanish Flu
Which is a misnomer
55 million people died because of the vaccinations

This extermination followed the Indian Massacrers of the 1800s
Which were carried out to bring in the new genetically modified white people

And that followed on the heals of the Tartarian annihilation of the early 1800s
The civilization that built the grand structures we see today
Such as Mormon temples and Catholic cathedrals
As well as the railroads lighthouses bridges damns canals
That are falsely ascribed to early settlers and others

And before that there was a world wide depopulation
That occurred during a manufactured war in the 1770s

So there is nothing new under the sun

WW3 rhetoric is being stepped up
That Taiwan will strike China
The Ukraine will attack Russia
And Iran will bomb Israel

Create a crisis and then exploit it

Face masks and standing 6 feet apart
Are just exercises in blind obedience

When ordered to do stupid laws
Against the Constitution and Bill of Rights
You know totalitarianism is at the door

If everyone just peacefully refused to comply
That would threaten the entire inbred establishment
And crush the existing structure of lies and fake projects!