We have been bombarded about the threat of nuclear weapons.
At the same time we have been barraged by the claim that nuclear power is essential for our energy needs.
And over and over we have been battered by the assertion that plutonium is the most dangerous element in the world and just coming in contact with it will kill you.
Plutonium is extracted from uranium which is mined in the earth.
By adding neutrons into the nucleus of uranium atoms, plutonium is formed.
Since it decays by emitting alpha particles from it’s nucleus, plutonium is classified as an unstable isotope and the energy emitted from it is called nuclear radiation.
Is this radiation harmful?
When atomic particles leave the nucleus, the atom becomes ionized and these charged particles make up an electric current only if they are moving in an magnetic field.
Nuclear radioactivity does not constitute an electric current and the radiation is not harmful such as the moving ionized charged particles in microwave and x-ray emissions.
The energy escaping from the nuclear radiation is actually minute.
And we are told uranium and plutonium are so powerful that their half life decay rate will last hundreds of millions or even billions of years.
We are also told by harnessing this radiated energy we can derive power from it.
The first nuclear power plants were constructed to develop bombs using plutonium.
The idea was that energy created by the release of atomic particles would form a chain reaction and cause a massively potent explosion creating bombs more powerful than anyone could imagine.
But this did not happen.
The same idea was extended to the sun.
It is taught that the sun is powered by the magic nuclear transformation or decay of hydrogen into helium deep inside it’s interior.
This convective process has never been shown to occur.
In fact as seen in sunspots the sun is cooler in the inside, while out in the corona it is much hotter meaning the sun is powered externally.
The sun is an orb of plasma storing charged particles and releasing them in an electrical drift current.
It is not a nuclear bomb. There is no such thing!
Nikola Tesla showed electric power is everywhere available in unlimited quantities from the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth and that we have no need of fuel or anything else for energy.
But free power is anathema to the Control Grid.
Power companies use the Tesla Coil of alternating currents for power at little cost to them but charge consumers an exorbitant rate.
The first nuclear power plant was built in 1951 near Arco Idaho as an experiment.
In 1957 the first operating plant was built in Shippingport Pennsylvania.
There are now 64 so called nuclear power plants in the USA alone and a total of 104 reactors.
Most were built in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s and were said to last around 40 years.
Why 40 years?
40 years has now arrived.
These facilities were built along rivers, lakes and oceans because water is needed to be converted into steam.
The steam it is said is needed to drive turbines and to cool the reactor cores.
But the real purpose of the steam is for weather modification purposes.
Very few uranium enhancement facilities are still around.
There is only .7% uranium in uranium 235 and when it is enhanced to 4% it is called enriched uranium.
The uranium used for its atoms is called depleted uranium and is only .3% uranium 235.
Since we now have laser technology making bombs is obsolete.
Especially ones that never worked.
But there is all this depleted uranium just sitting around.
So the military came up with the bright idea of dropping it on Afghanistan and Iraq.
Then somebody thought of selling it as a weed killer.
It became Monsanto’s Roundup.
Brainwashed people spray it all over their yard.
Plutonium does not have much use now but is used experimentally in things like medical radiation therapy.
When plutonium is heated and melted and put in a metal tube it will become a glowing battery which would last for some say a hundred years.
It will not be on the market any time soon but would be very useful in a doomsday scenario.
In the late 90’s they started spraying heavy metals in the atmosphere.
These metals which includes uranium were sprayed first from airplanes and now from drones in the form of chemtrails.
This was to ionize the atmosphere in order to control the weather.
This spraying ruined our natural weather and now water vapor has to be sprayed into the air to produce rain.
So now we have surface air coolers or steam plants producing water vapor masquerading as nuclear power plants spread all around the country.
The nuclear power plant lie has been promulgated to keep the real agenda a secret.
Which is controlling the people by controlling the weather.
Soon communities will have to purchase rain.
To shift the focus, this weather transformation or climate change is falsely being blamed on the public as a result of automobile emissions.
Back n the 1940’s it was said Russia had developed a nuclear bomb and we needed to build bigger and better nuclear bombs then what they have.
Also in the 1940’s we were told that particles in a nuclear bomb travel over a mile per second and that anyone in the vicinity will become blind, have their reproductive organs damaged beyond repair and in all probability would instantly die.
Bikini Atoll is one of the Marshall Islands in the East Indies in the South Pacific.
23 offshore nuclear tests are said to have been done there.
The natives had to be kicked out.
These blasts are supposed to create not only tremendous wind but also 100,000 degree Fahrenheit heat and since the explosion was under the water it would also create a tsunami.
But looking at before and after pictures of Bikini Atoll the grass roofed huts, palm trees and swimming docks remain untouched.
As a matter of fact this inconceivable amount of heat would have at the very least turned the whole island into magma.
It only has to be 1300 Fahrenheit to produce lava.
In reality everything at those extreme temperatures would be vaporized!
You see how ridiculously silly this is?
The islanders eventually came back but were kicked again because it was said that strontium was found in crabs.
But why does the military maintain a presence there?
Why do they grow crops there if it is all contaminated by nuclear explosions?
Why are diving tours being conducted there?
Why in the ‘pictures’ of these tests, the boats out on the water near the blast remain unscathed?
Is it because the pictures were faked?
Why is not only the island thriving but the coral reef there is a diverse and well populated underwater habitat.
The Trinity test in New Mexico was supposed to be even bigger.
Why didn’t this blast create a crater?
Why did Robert Oppenheimer and his Generals pose for a picture a few weeks afterwards at ground zero?
That area should have been highly radioactive according to nuclear science.
The onlookers who were allowed to watch said they felt the heat from the blast.
But that means they would have got hit by the radiation.
Why were they not concerned and why did they not suffer any ill effects?
Maybe because it was all faked!
The Bravo bomb test in Nevada was said to be the biggest of all.
Why were so many soldiers allowed to watch?
Why did they not have protective clothing or goggles or anything?
Their eyes should have been fried and their testicles rendered inoperative!
They should have gotten cancer.
The blast cloud is supposed to have reached 60 miles into the air and traveled dozens of miles on the land surface.
Some soldiers are even pictured without a shirt.
The answer is that it was a detonation of dynamite and not any so-called atomic bomb and the soldiers knew that and were not concerned.
It was all a publicity stunt!
If nuclear bombs are real why all the fakery?
Why has Nagasaki and Hiroshima gotten no increase in cancer rates?
Both are thriving tourist towns with no ill effects at all.
The bombs dropped there and also in Tokyo and other cities in 1945 were incendiary fire bombs.
They were dropped nine months after the Japanese emperor wanted peace.
Instead he got nine more months of fire bombing.
Nuclear bombs are supposed to incinerate everything within miles so why were all the buildings in Hiroshima still standing with no structural damage afterwards?
Why has Chernobyl in Russia remained a haven for wildlife?
Why has Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania remained open if it was supposed to leak radioactive elements and cause cancer?
We were assured that the radiation fallout from Fukushima in Japan would contaminate the Pacific Ocean and reach the west coast of the U.S. giving coastal residents cancer and other health problems.
It never happened!
And why were there no blackouts in Japan after Fukushima when only one power plant remained open?
Nuclear power is supposed to account for one third of their energy.
We are told that nuclear power plants like the one at San Onofre in Southern California leaks, but beach goers have went to the beaches right beside it all these years and no one has suffered any ill effects.
Indian Point in upstate New York is supposed to be leaking radioactive material into the drinking water of New York City.
Why hasn’t anyone died form this?
Diablo Canyon and Oyster Creek are among many others which are said to continually leak.
Maybe they are all steam plants!
Yucca Mountain in Nevada is supposedly a huge nuclear waste storage facility but it is instead just a big underground military base.
Hanford in Washington state gets hundreds of millions to clean up the site.
It is all a big scam.
In fact the nuclear reactor scam is second only to the fake NASA moon landing scam.
Both have received upwards near 100 billion dollars.
Both have said they lost or erased technological achievements.
In the 1980’s a physicist named Galen Windsor who worked at different nuclear facilities ridiculed the prevailing opinion by actually consuming plutonium.
He stated nuclear fission is a hoax and that radioactivity is not harmful.
A swat team raided his home and took all his uranium.
He lived into his 80’s with no repercussions from ingesting the plutonium.
Workers at Los Alamos regularly have plutonium in their body.
Some have had it for over 50 years.
Why haven’t they died?
When some manufactured hurricane, earthquake or tsunami hits a power plant a meltdown will be said to have occurred.
This meltdown will be blamed on the explosion of hydrogen gas in the reactors.
This excuse will be used to drive people from their homes and relocate them into Fema Camps.
Nuclear reactors do not exist!
Nuclear radiation does not exist!
Nuclear power does not exist!
There are no nuclear weapons!
And there are no atomic bombs!