An EM field is created by LED light bulbs

Pulsed fluctuation frequencies sent from 5G towers
Are attracted to the electromagnetic fields

When you are near they swell your glands and drain your energy

When the frequency matches your resonant frequency
It creates a pathway for injecting subliminal messages
And will also monitor your thoughts

Scalar wave technology will push storm systems

They can also create simulations
Which will eventually become indistinguishable from reality
If we let them

CERN says it is searching for the god particle by smashing them
There is no god particle just energy inside

War and depopulation is just another alien blood sacrifice

It started with the ritual killing of animals
And the offering of ones first born
As in Abraham offering Isaac

Christians are still taught without the shedding of blood
The great and powerful Yahweh cannot forgive sins

The Corpus Hermeticum which is the secret sermon on the mountain
That Moses was instructed from in the Area of The Prescence
Surrounded by the Cherubim of Glory

Was Mars on top of the celestial mountain in the former epoch

The Sanctuary or Tabernacle which the Lord pitched
Was on top of Mt Zion or Mt Olympus the celestial mountain

The City of God or energetic rings of Saturn
Contained Mars the Son of God
And Venus the Mother of God

Which were the Malkuth Yesod and Tiphereth of the Merkabah

Rabbit ears are an Illuminati sign for horns of the Devil
Rabbis are a deliberate derivative of rabbits

When Moses parted the Red Sea
It was Mars passing through the celestial sea of Saturn

Melchizedek who was seated at the right hand of the throne was Mars
Zedek means Jupiter which was an early name for Mars

Mars ascended to the golden altar of Isis who was Venus
This was the basis for the story of Jesus on the cross

A righteous and loving god or ascended person would never demand the death of an innocent being

The highest wisdom is that which flows through the heart!