Pyramids come in all shapes and sizes. China and Bosnia have the biggest. There are circular pyramids in Mexico. In what is now Iraq there are stepped pyramids such as the Babylonian ziggurats. The ones in India are straight up and steep. The pyramids in the South Pacific have intricate carvings which shape their exterior. The Borobudur temple pyramid in Java, Indonesia has 6 rectangular terraces which is topped by 3 circular terraces. Then on the very top is 72 stupas which are bell shaped structures each which contain a Buddha inside.
These magnificent engineering marvels exist around the world. Egypt alone has 155 pyramids. Central America has over a thousand. Some are underwater which reveal their existence before the end of the so-called Pleistocene Epoch which ended in great world wide upheavals. These extraordinary structures were designed with a profound purpose.
The most famous are at the Giza Plateau in Egypt. The biggest one referred to as the Great Pyramid has a baffling phenomena. It actually has 8 concave sides which can only be noticed from the air. It is approximately 450 ft. high. It covers 13 acres. And it has 2 and 1/2 million blocks of stone giving it a mass of 6 million tons.
Inside the Great Giza pyramid there are 3 chambers. The Kings Chamber, the Queens Chamber and a Subterranean Chamber. It also has a Grand Gallery, ascending and descending passageways and 2 shafts consisting of copper electrode projectiles.
It is composed of limestone but also has huge 70 ton blocks of granite in its’ interior which were quarried 500 miles south upstream the Nile River at Aswan. These exquisitely carved stones were not only perfectly cut out of the bedrock and transported hundreds of miles but placed intricately together so they would fit precisely.
Originally all 3 pyramids at Giza had a white marble exterior and an electrum top which is a mixture of silver and gold.
How it worked was this: The pyramid was built on a ley line which are lines of force intersecting the Earth plane. Ley Lines were much more apparent in ancient times due to the Earth’s electrical charge being nearer to the surface. There was running water at the base. Hydrogen from the water was collected in the Queens Chamber. The grand gallery which has 28 pairs of “slots” running up the ramp was a resonating hall and it was here that the hydrogen was converted to energy. Then the vibration was directed to the Kings Chamber where the granite beams responded with a particular harmonic frequency. A 440 hertz frequency was then produced which simulated an F Sharp. The resultant emission was navigated to obelisks where the energy was distributed.
A extremely high knowledge of mathematics and geometry would be required. An expert cognizance of geology, physics, architecture, acoustics etc. would be needed. A extremely high laser type technology would have to be possessed in order to cut, shape, move, and lift stones of incredible weight. We do not possess the ability today to build one of these pyramids. Structures which harnessed and utilized abundant, clean, free energy!