The movie Idiocrasy
Is a comedy about the people who live in the matrix
Before the Wars of the Clones kick in

President Camacho is a flamboyant gay guy
Who rides around on a motorcycle flipping people off

The first thing that appears in the movie
Is a picture of a weird looking globular planet earth
And is just one of the many ways that is shown how retarded we have come

In real life also Presidents are just actors
Who show up at the Bohemian Grove
Indifferent to the screams of a person being sacrificed
Under a 60 foot owl in a ceremony called the Cremation of Care

What they do get excited about is chasing naked young boys in the woods
The current President is just a chipped clone so he is not invited

Indoctrination begins in first grade
Then later we are taught how Freemason shills such as Galileo and Copernicus enlightened the world
With their idiotic heliocentric theories

The insidiousness climaxed during the laughable moon landings
With the lunar module looking like a 4th grade school project
And now they have lost all the technology so they cannot go back

The ludicrousness continues with the Freemason circus of the fake International Space Station
The astro nots have loads of chemicals put in their hair to make it stand up
In a depressurized zero gravity chamber

The sun is said to be 4oo times larger than the moon
And 400 times farther away
The fact that they appear to be the same size is supposed to be just a coincidence

Along with the computer graphic illustrations of a round earth given to us
We now receive pictures of a CGI car in space called the Tesla Rocket

Elon Musk uttered the outlandish statement
You can tell it is real because it looks so fake
If it was fake we would do a better job making it look real

The jet fuel hoax makes people believe that many gallons of petroleum
Can go sloshing back and forth in the wings without making the plane unstable
They have to do that to justify gasoline powered automobiles

Now we are being bombarded with a fake war with illusionary nuclear bombs
That fits in nicely with the fake history being used to program the masses

The lifetime of indoctrination hides what is really going on
That there is a highly advanced technology being used to promote the existence
Of off world beings into our realm called Project Serpo

If the masses find out the truth
It will be game over!