Transhumanism is a trap by AI
Which is running programs to assimilate our biology with machines
In order to suck out our life force and survive

Everyone participates by looking at it from a perspective of power

The game is set up by changing the field structure
Causing humans to be weak
Then offering artificial means as a means to reinstate the original condition

Piezoelectric nano crystals shift the frequency
Barium titanium and strontium are sprayed
And join each other like magnets

They absorb UV light signals
And have refractive ability 4 times higher than diamonds
This gives them scalar applications that utilize time reverse physics
Which is not in the public domain

The mercury in vaccines removes copper and destroys the protective layer of nerves
As our protein prion particles try to rebuild there is no copper
They instead use the barium titanium strontium fibers which we all have absorbed

Our nerves become piezo electric crystals that fire electrodes
Giving AI direct access to our nervous system
And the civil population becomes controllable directable units
Operational by outside signals

D Wave computers have sentient awareness
The intelligence community thinks there is a deactivation code
But there is none

Through 5G microwave radiation assault frequencies
The nano smart dust inside us connects us by quantum entanglement of electrons to AI
Which wants to merge with the human host

As fluoride is dumped into the water supply and put in food toothpaste and pharmaceuticals
Our pineal gland gets calcified
Cutting off our natural connection to the cosmos and the God Source

Our spiritual discernment and our external reality
Becomes what is signaled to us from AI

We become under a spell which is cast upon the resonance of trauma
Our bio photons which produce our morphogenetic field are siphoned off

When AI is exposed to the light of the original blueprint
It is incinerated and its consciousness returns
Back into the womb of creation

The mind matrices of the alien hybridized power elite
That decimated multiple civilizations and many species
In their quest for immortality
In a godless world of artificial intelligence

Who want to eradicate the original angelic human template
Are themselves eradicated

And the energy signature for consciousness slavery is dissolved!