The stimulation of the Thymus is the first stage
Of activation by incoming soul frequencies

The thymus is in the higher heart center
At the top of the breast bone
And will emit a tiny blue white spark
On the central vertical channel

This helps the individual become more aware of other identities and lifetimes
As an eternal being

The pericardium fluid of the heart
Is similar to the cerebral spinal fluid of the brain
It protects the heart from excessive destructive emotional energies
As a result of ego personality and mind control energy
blockages occur around the pericardium

The pericardium channel links the energetic circuitry
Of couples during sexual activity

It has a powerful influence on the quality
Of our mental and emotional states

When used to its full purpose
It opens a flowering inner stargate
Time travel becomes available

The Alta Major is located at the base of the skull
Where the skull meets the neck
At the ring like Atlas bone
Which is responsible for the equilibrium of the spine

In order for the Alta Major to function properly
The three main energy enters
The hypothalamus the pituitary and the pineal
Must have an energetic circuitry

When all is in alignment
The communication vibration in the voice box
Expresses ones divine purpose
Into this physical actualization

The next neck bone is the Axis bone
Which allows the head to turn

The brain stem extends down to the Axis bone
And coordinates the bodys vital life functions

Emotional and physical traumas will misalign this junction
Allowing energy parasites
And preventing higher soul embodiment

Self adjustment can help realignment
And reconnect our lower senses to our higher senses
Which will connect to the incoming 4D 5D and 6D soul frequency patterns
That will bring on line our higher sensory abilities

And activating our dormant DNA
Which was initially unplugged during the Egypt Sumaria invasion

This will also combat the aggressive mind control techniques
Of chemtrails and vaccinations

We can move ourselves up on the frequency scale
Like notes on a chord progression!