I was born with having compassion for animals. I would take snakes back up on the mountain by my house so they wouldn’t get hurt. But I always haven’t been a vegan. I didn’t question the food sat before me when I was a kid. In my 20’s down in California I was friends with a bodybuilder named Tony Halme. He knew a lot about nutrition and was always telling me what was healthy or not. While in LA he tried to become an actor like Arnold Schwartzneggar. He wound up doing a few commercials. One was delivering a pizza – when he wasn’t tipped he held the guy upside down so that loose change would fall out of his pocket. He became a European boxing champion, then a professional wrestler – “a bad guy”under the name of Ludwig Borga. Tony eventually became a politician in his native Finland. He even cut some rap songs before he passed away.

Like a lot of athletes wishing to optimize their performance Tony used steroids.

Even so my road to better health started with Tony.

I still ate meat thinking that animals were treated good and that their flesh was good for you. But I started to question it finally. I quit eating pigs like Jews and Muslims and only ate meat from local farmers that I knew. But as I realized how animals are treated at the slaughter houses and at the same time realized there were healthier options it induced me to quit eating animals altogether. I have never regretted that decision and not only has my health been optimized – my spiritual awareness has developed as a result. Now it is like a no-brainer. Animals should not be exposed to such horrific suffering. They should be treated with love and respect and not looked upon as just a monetary commodity or something to put on your dinner table.

Standing up for the rights of animals – because they cannot talk for themselves – causes a lot of backlash. It is like a dirty little secret that people do not want exposed. They do not want to talk about it. And when I do they have their excuses ready. My teeth have incisors whose purpose is to chew meat or My body demands it or God gave us dominion over animals therefore I can abuse and exploit them and not care if they suffer or meat tastes too good or what else are we supposed to eat. These are all lame excuses.

But most people are just culturally brainwashed as I was. For example people in India would never think about eating a cow. So I try not to judge people and try to enlighten them.

Tony had qualities that I admire. Honesty, integrity and sincerity. Becoming a politician one has to put aside those ideals if you want to succeed. When you get orders from the top you have to obey them or suffer the consequences. Tony wanted to be his own man. He did not want to be a shill politician concerned only about his own profit.

Maybe because of his refusal to yield he was killed.

Thank you Tony – boxer, wrestler, politician and rap performer for being my friend!

Now I think his death was faked

In order to be a WWF wrestler
You have to be a Freemason
Vince McMahon Jesse Ventura and Hulk Hogan
Are high ranking members

There are a lot of sudden WWF deaths
Some are even blood sacrifices

WWF wrestlers are given roles in movies
Sometimes even starring roles

And Like Jesse Ventura
Who was the Governor of Minnesota
Are also given political assignments

Tony Halme was given both of these
But he did not find favor
With the President of Finland
So they faked his death

The Illuminati has infiltrated all sports
They will give members performance enhancing drugs
To make them stars
And make them very rich