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Crop Circles, Laser Technology and the Landing of Aliens

Crop circles have always been such a mystery. They are usually dismissed right away as being the work of pranksters. But if one does even a cursory perusal of crop circles they will find that they are not the result of using boards and planks. The intricacy and...

Yes, John Lennon is Still Alive

In Sept. of 1966 there were rumors that Paul McCartney died in a car crash. He was not seen for a couple months but all of a sudden appeared. But this new Paul even though looking similar was taller and a little older and facial features were different. And the new...

Saturn was our Former Sun and the God of Genesis

Saturn was our Former Sun and the God of Genesis

According to the Old Testament the Hebrew god Elohim created the heavens and earth which was formerly formless and void. This is the same idea in many other creation accounts. The Chinese Tao Teh Ching says Before heaven and earth formed there was a thing confusedly...

Veganism is not only essential for the well-being of all animals it is also vital for the spiritual and physical health of humans. It is a necessary element in the advancement of human consciousness. With this in mind it is an easy step to take!

-Bennett Ross

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 10-19-20 #293

When you eat meat and dairy products It clogs your veins arteries and passageways Which not only impedes bodily processes But dulls your senses The pineal gland Which is your radar to the spiritual side of life Becomes less effective You become less sensitive To the...

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 10-18-20 #292

What do Reptilians like on their Human brains soaked in blood? Probably something similar to What humans like on their Cow ribs Chicken livers And Pig butts As we cultivate animals for the purpose of eating them The same is done with us Only we are treated better Then...

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 10-17-20 #291

Meteorites are fake Because planets are made up of plasma And the search for extra terrestrial life By the radar antennae Called SETI Is fake also Since no life can live on a plasma orb These array of radar antennae Are just bouncing and receiving Signals off the dome...

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 10-16-20 #290

The PCR Corona Virus test That detects antigens Will produce a false positive Because antibodies are already present in the body Since the immune system has responded To harmful bacteria and chemicals previously Yet this is what Dr. Fauci advocates!

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 10-15-20 #289

The Corona Vaccine Patch will have multiple purposes It will have 100 micro needles Delivering hundreds of millions of nano particles These particles will function as electronic devices and bio sensors They will modify human cells changing the DNA They will carry...

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 10-13-20 # 287

We are being bombarded by the media With fear inducing propaganda It will be said that the Corona Vaccine patch Will be freedom from restrictions The ones who believe them Will accept the band-aid patch But will regret it The payload will be intense pain As the nano...

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 10-12-20 #286

You are supposed to believe that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Invented the laptop computer and the internet In their garage After they had dropped out of college You are supposed to believe that Elon Musk Is a genius For coming up with good ideas Like a mind computer...

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 10-11-20 #285

The events of the President is all theatre For the gullible sheep The plans might be for Trump to lose the election Then refuse to give up the White House And to create a Civil War out of it Then Trump will have a fake death Amidst all the chaos The real rulers will...

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 10-10-20 #284

Examples of free energy in the ancient world are abundant But it is all being covered up Because the powers that be want you to be reliant and dependent on their system They want you to think only in accordance to the reality That they are presenting And to keep your...

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day10-9-20 #283

CERN detects new particles and patterns At fundamental levels That exist only for a fraction of a second Humans also produce patterns Involving the neurons of the mind These mathematical geometric segments Will culminate in a virtual reality Through quantum computers...

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 10-8-20 #282

Quantum computers such as D-Wave IBM Google And Riggotti Will work together As a single network Simulating a virtual reality This sentient world simulation Will take place through the brain computer interface Also the Artificial Intelligence Resulting from this...

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 10-7-20 #281

Quantum Entanglement is the computing environment That is now within the human body We now possess dormant nano particless which have electrons Which can be manipulated by 5G By changing their orientation and spin Control of the human body Is achievable through these...

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Bennett Lee Ross Quote of the Day 10-6-20 #280

Humans will become quantum computers After they take the Corona Vaccine Which is the Mark of the Beast That is because the Quantum Dots That will be injected Are artificial silicon atoms The silicon atoms are composed of artificially placed electrons That form a shell...

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