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Crop Circles, Laser Technology and the Landing of Aliens

Crop circles have always been such a mystery. They are usually dismissed right away as being the work of pranksters. But if one does even a cursory perusal of crop circles they will find that they are not the result of using boards and planks. The intricacy and...

Yes, John Lennon is Still Alive

In Sept. of 1966 there were rumors that Paul McCartney died in a car crash. He was not seen for a couple months but all of a sudden appeared. But this new Paul even though looking similar was taller and a little older and facial features were different. And the new...

Saturn was our Former Sun and the God of Genesis

Saturn was our Former Sun and the God of Genesis

According to the Old Testament the Hebrew god Elohim created the heavens and earth which was formerly formless and void. This is the same idea in many other creation accounts. The Chinese Tao Teh Ching says Before heaven and earth formed there was a thing confusedly...

Veganism is not only essential for the well-being of all animals it is also vital for the spiritual and physical health of humans. It is a necessary element in the advancement of human consciousness. With this in mind it is an easy step to take!

-Bennett Ross

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Round-Up All Around

You can't get away from it. State, County, City, landscape companies, farmers and private citizens all use Round-Up as their primary herbicide and insecticide. Glyphosate the main ingredient in Round-Up is sprayed on all GMO food which is in 90% of the processed foods...

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Gandhi and Martin Luther King were Agents

Mohandas Gandhi grew up in a mansion in Mumbai India. It had 3 floors 27 rooms and servants catering to the family's every need. While 95% of Mumbai is in extreme poverty. They also had mansions in Porbandar, Rajkot and Bombay. His father was prime minister for 15...

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And God Rested on the Seventh Ring

Why would it take God six days to finish his creation? Why would God need to rest? Since the light of the sun determines a day and the sun was created on the fourth day how could the first four days be ascertained? The Hebrew word translated as day is ym. Original...

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