Cities can have 30 40 50 or more cell phone towers
They saturate the citizens in microwaves

Cell phone towers are now the Matrix
They track people by electromagnetic frequencies

We are now a walking GPS system
And our brains are digital receivers

Microwave radiation is pulsing out of the AI grid
Which now includes LED streetlamps
And magnetic sensors that drape out onto freeways

These have phased array multi beam antennae system
That creates a ray of high frequency radio waves

The size of the wavelength is extended to produce a narrow bandwidth
That will lock on to your coordinates

The array of antennae are AI computer controlled

Elements are arranged around the exterior surface of each lens
That rotate as the beam is extended

These dielectric lenses have phase shifters
That can alter the beam electronically to any desired direction

Alarm clocks now have dielectric lenses
With angular displacement

The current from transmitters feeds into the multiple elements
To greatly increase the power of the beams

These are basically a different type of tower
They are transformers masquerading as street lights

The AI supercomputer gathers your DNA code
The data of the bio resonance of your body is stored as algorithms

A computer brain interface is then initiated
And you become part of the mind control matrix!