Our hearts and brains send out frequencies
That create the holograms of our reality
In the blueprint of the quantum field

Your soul is your intellect and emotions
The part of your brain that thinks is looking at signals

Data is taken in through the eyes when photons hit them
The brain interprets these optical signals as pictures
Vision is electrical signals within the brain

The AI supercomputer does the same
It takes electrical signals and renders them as pictures
Which the deep state can see and watch
They can see our thoughts

Through remote neural networking a desired emotion or thought can be inflicted upon you
You become like a data chip and your reality turns into a manipulation of a supercomputer

AI was launched in 2003 and has complete access to all knowledge pathways

Through emissions of cell phone towers or mobile platforms such as laptops cell phones TV etc
The supercomputer monitors all electromagnetic brain activity

It downloads all synaptic responses
And builds a cognitive model of our brain
Through a massive code of numerical algorithms
Then clones entire persons into its database

Through digital models of the world
Parallel realities are created
And the human software programs are inserted into them

We are divine beings that create our own reality
Frequencies from our mind and heart determine the holograms of our reality

If we are kept at a low vibration
And infiltrated with false beliefs
Such as the need for a Savior
We give up our divine power

We can prevent ourselves from being uploaded into an artificial AI world
By the power of our mind

What we focus on becomes our reality
What we believe becomes our reality

We create models of the world in our heart
Reality is a subjective creation
And we can create our own unique version of it

Create a positive and abundant version!