The universe is an expression of consciousness
We accept the reality with which we are presented

We are in a collective consciousness of thoughts
The vibrational quality can be shaped with electromagnetic waves

Clouded under the banner of science the public is told what to think
We are forced to dwell upon an absurdity until it becomes a fact

An extremely high knowledge of mathematics and geometry
Would be required to build the pyramids
An expert cognizance of physics acoustics geology and architecture would also be needed

An exceptional intelligence of laser technology would have to be attained
In order to cut shape lift and move stones of incredible weight

A brilliant understanding of the earth and its electrical power would be necessary
To conceive of these structures that harnessed abundant free energy

The entire Giza Plateau with the 3 pyramids was an energy generating system
The Kings Chamber was where harmonic frequencies were produced
The Queens Chamber was where hydrogen was collected from the running water at the base

The Grand Gallery with its 28 pairs of slots running up a ramp was a resonating hall
That converted energy into sound
It vibrated at an F sharp and acted as a Helmholtz resonator

The 4 faces of the pyramid have a half degree indentation
Which dramatically changed the energetic properties inside

The white polished tufa limestone that originally was on the outside had very high insulating qualities

The capstone of the Great Pyramid consisted of electrum
Which is an alloy of gold silver and copper
It sent the funneled electricity out to the world

The Arc of the Covenant is the exact size of the empty coffer inside the Kings Chamber
It directed energy up to the capstone

The Arc of the Covenant was an electrical capacitor composed of silver and brass alloys and gilded with gold
The electrical capacity of such an apparatus would be over 500 volts

The Great Pyramid was a coupled oscillator
It hummed as it drew energy and conducted electricity through its chambers corridors and shafts

The Great Pyramid is 481 feet high
With 2.3 million blocks of perfectly cut polished and placed stones
Each weighing 2.5 tons

It shone like a jewel
It reverberated a humming pulsation
And sent out beams of energy

We are told over and over that the Great Pyramid of Giza
Is just an elaborate burial place for a long forgotten Pharoah
It is marginalized and we are directed into believing the Theory of Evolution

So that we will be disconnected from our true past
And separated from who we really are!