When you shift into a timeline that projects positive qualities
The negative structure will no longer affect your signal

When you forgive others and when you forgive yourself
You let go of all that is preventing you from achieving higher sound waves

As you step into your new reality
Often you will find yourself in a completely different location

You become extremely powerful when you let go of the old
And when you let go of the fear that you have allowed to control you

You become a unified field sound
And when you hold it you hold the sound wave
From all the realities that you exist in

You change the trajectory of your momentum to a positive outcome
When you embrace love joy peace patience kindness and goodness

When you move forward by expressing only positive
You will have coherent resonance in complete synchronicity and balance

Project the awakening of humanity
Activate yourself for ascension in the megastructure
What reality timeline you experience is all up to you

Allow others to express themselves based on their own existence
But do not be a part of their reality

Some you will have to disengage with
Because they are not compatible with your vibration

Do not resonate in their hologram
So that you do not let yourself be on an abusive timeline

In dreams people are many times a representation of a quality you possess
In this dream people are many times a reflection of your mirror image
That you have projected into your hologram
They are other versions of you

When you make a difference in the lives of others
Humans animals and other life forms
It will make you happy

Have a joyful journey
And have fun

Follow your heart
It will create synchronicity so that nothing will block you

With the right frequency anything is possible!