Athlete clones are sold off in auctions
In elitist facilities

This is a common market
For the ultra rich elderly
Who want to be transferred into a fresh body
With great abilities

Most NBA players now are clones
They are the best athletes
And in the limelight more than athletes in other sports

Most of the star players in the NFL Major League baseball and World soccer leagues
Are now clones

Chances are when you go to a pro sporting event
You are rooting for some old fart in a cloned body

The mind can be downloaded and given a new body
And when that body wears out downloaded into another one

Memory can also be downloaded which is different than consciousness
These are clones or avatars with the same memory as another person
But are usually soulless

Organic robotoids have synthetic tissues and skin
Which morph into an android that looks exactly like a human

They can be demon possessed human possessed
Or just a program given an assignment

Broken Glass is a term that is used
When a celebrity dons a mask
And plays multiple identities

If you notice a flap on Bidons earlobe
It is a neurolink

When one of his demonic clones has recently drank blood
It will turn their eyes red
For this reason they typically wear sunglasses

The song Red Red Wine is actually about drinking blood

When Bidon was Vice President
He was a member of the Black Eye Club

Which is when a person is restrained
And a reptilian worm enters an eye
And takes over their body

It is called Sweating the Quill

Sometimes malfunction of an artificial body occurs
And the soul is lost

When we idolize celebrities and pro athletes
We are giving our energy to them

And they are not whom they seem to be!