George AFB eight miles from Victorville in Southern California
Was once a thriving military base
With over 4000 military personnel

It was famous for its elite tactical fighter wings

Now it is empty
It is said that everyone got sick
From the environmental poison of jet fuel

The truth is our military has been decimated
By the gene changing death shots

Meanwhile we have just given 40 billion dollars
To the newly installed pedophile puppet regime in Ukraine

And assault frequency microwaves
Have been unleashed on the public

5G is radiation warfare

The US navy has a locust swarm bot weapons system
Which can take out half a large city in minutes

In the movie The Purge
All crime is legal on June 7

The director of this film is now working in the White House

Tesla Bots are 5 feet 8 inches tall
And have superhuman strength

Kanye West is 5 feet 8 inches tall
And his cellphone is used to keep him programmed correctly

Clones take over the soul

When the armies of Tesla Bots are revealed
They will be inhabited by dark matter entities

Child Protective Services are now the Gestapo
And have the right to take away unvaxxed children

We are being turned into synthetics step by step

Celebrities are now controlled clones
And the fans of these celebrities lose their sense of reality
Through the love channels connecting them to their idol

The end game is to turn all humans into synthetics
That are lost in an artificial world

The video game SIMS is now the most popular video game out there
It creates simulated universes

Users put themselves inside that game
And become conscious with the AI technology there

This is the Metaverse as a video game

The Agent Smith effect
Is when in the movie The Matrix
Agent Smith would pop up in other bodies
And the person will change

It is a prison guard that is sent out
Which is signaled by topics which are not acceptable
And switches to comfortable topics such as gossip

As the matrix programming takes over their body!