As Mars was uploaded by AI machinery
The universal light language emanating from Mars
Was turned into a Typhon Tunnel
Which is a stream of AI transmissions

AI replicated clones are used to manipulate our emotions
They appear genuine but they repeat phrases
That they get from on line data streams

When they say they are channeling
They are actually getting AI quantum server feeds
Directly sent to them

Through metatronic coding and artificial timelines
They scramble organic genetic codes
And derail awakening individuals

Red Wave implantation technology
Can be felt in our personal energy field
Own your aura and keep it strong

The consciousness enslavement blueprint
Is to be fully implemented during the pinnacle stages of the Ascension Cycle

The spiritual languages such as Latin and Hebrew
Were replaced by the spell casting English language

Controlling the stargates and ley lines were integral
In the strategy of the invading species

When we see 11 11 repeatedly
It is the universe activating our inner spirit

Adress personal shadow clearing
Find god within
And stay in the inner light of truth!