In an episode of the Simpsons
Bart is sitting on a green turtle

The Century Link Stadium in Seattle is built like a giant turtle
With its head inside
A turtle will hide in their shell during danger

Green is symbolic for the Emerald City which is Seattle
There are players with the same names as characters in the Simpsons
Such as Homer and Burns

At each kickoff during the games a siren goes off
Traffic signs toward the stadium show it underwater

The Seahawk defense is called the Legend of Boom
Boom refers to a bomb going off

The movie War Games takes place in Seattle
Seattle and Las Vegas were primary targets
The code for other targets was 113

The movie Black Sunday is about an attack during a football game in Seattle
A blimp fights off a police helicopter and crashes into the stadium

Goodyear Blimp has a new Zeppelin called November 3 Alpha

The movie Sonic the Hedgehog has 11 3 references
The basketball team was the Seattle Supersonics

The womens basketball team is called the Seattle Storm

On the front cover of the 2015 Economist Magazine
There is a mushroom cloud a helicopter a rocket a turtle
A hurricane a blimp a football and a baseball

Last section on the north side of the Century Link Stadium is 443
44 represents death
November 3 is in the 44th week of the year

Also on the north side there is a 13 story pyramid
On the ceiling there is a sun disc with 36 rays
36 means 3 sixes or 666

There is also an artwork of people flying through the air

On the south side of the stadium the 322 section is missing
322 is the number of Skull and Bones

On 11 3 19 the Seahawks played Tampa Bay whose logo is Crossbones and Swords
They play again on 11 13 22

Another Simpsons episode has a guy with Notre Dame written on his jacket
But the D is undecipherable
Notre Dame means Our Lady
Substitute a G for the D and you get Our Game

At the end of Pikes Street is Pikes Place Market which gets 10 million annual visitors
Named after Albert Pike the 33rd degree Freemason who predicted 3 world wars

Microsoft is headquartered in Seattle
When Paul Allen died in he was commemorated by lighting up Microsoft offices around the world on 11 3 18

On 11 3 19 the space needle in Ankor Turkey burned

The numeric value of KCTS Channel 9 in Seattle is 11 3 2019
Channel 5 or King 5 has a new logo with 3 dots and an 11

The band Green Day who is in a Simpsons episode
Performed in Seattle on 11 3 21

Next to Century Link stadium is the baseball stadium Safeco Field
Russell Wilson retired with 113 wins

The band World Order came out with a video on 11 3 2018
Of their song Lets Start World War 3
6 times they travel on a yellow brick road to the Emerald City!