When asked if there is one thing she would like to do
If there was no repercussions
Lady Gaga said she would like to die

Knowing you are a synthetic robot is not a pleasant realization
Her consciousness is trapped in a clone

That is why celebrities and famous musicians are numb
And desperately seeking feeling

Yet they feel the pain of the absence of love and lifes emotions

Their consciousness has been transferred for immortality
In an artificial AI existence

They lose their free will and are possessed by the beast system

Any agent who deceives or any internet troll working for the AI elite
Once they are done with they will be unplugged
And transferred into an artificial host

This can easily be done via sleep paralysis
And their true original soul will be kept in a paralysis state
Their mind will be hacked by the device they are in

Some people are kept in storage for a startling number of years
And are then provided with a new body
But are the property of the manufacturer

This is Elon Musk
Who as long as he acts real nice
Can promote a psychopathic AI agenda
And people will not care

Depending on their level an elite can publicly die
But privately be taken and be age regressed

Or have their consciousness downloaded into a clone
They must follow rules in order to be allowed to exist

The government made genetically modified babies
Then released them into the public as lab experiments
To see how they would react in society

Babies are switched at hospitals and microchipped
Then given to the mother as the real one

Clonaid has launched an anti aging program
Using stem cells from cloned embryos

Pretty girls were raised in cloning labs
To be the perfect girl for Hugh Hefner

Norma Jean Monroe and Brittany Jean Spears were cloned and wanted to be free
It is all about the genes

A large number of clones are in the Los Angeles and Hollywood area
It is called Hollywood because the Illuminati use the branches of the Holly tree
As they cast spells that promote the turning of humans
Into humanoid machines
In the new earth hologram!