The power of life and death is in the tongue
What we say and how we say it determines our future

We are avatars of our higher self
In this real life dramatic performance

By choosing to become part of this action packed thriller
We join all the other performers on the stage

We are distinguished actors with only a cameo appearance
But we become so caught up in our brief roles
And so emotionally connected to the other performers
We forget why we came

The original script was changed
Instead of being the directors playing out our own ideas
We are told to obey submit and conform
And we subjugate ourselves to TV programming

Our connection to our higher self becomes clouded
And the deeper meaning of why we are here is lost

Life is an eternal wonder
And physical manifestation is a remarkable marvel

In the now cult classic movie They Live
Rowdy Roddy Piper says I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass

With his special glasses he sees beyond the facade
And realizes there is a massive dystopian plot
That has gained control over all aspects of modern society

Dicyanin aura goggles allow you to see in another spectrum
With training you can detect a persons aura

Some people have no detectable aura at all
And have become NPCs or non playable characters
They are drone like under mind control with no self will

The aura is a measurement of the soul
The ones with no soul are not human

And the ones with a very small auric field
Are in danger of losing their soul and their humanity

Connect to your higher self
The blueprint of which is written in the morphogenetic field

Kick ass
And expand your soul!