The quantum field is based on frequency
When there is enough energy it manifests into physical reality

Photon vibrations send signals and create the energy in the quantum field
Information is transmitted in light

We emit frequency energy into the quantum realm
All ideas and possibilities exist as potentials in the quantum field

We can manipulate the quantum field by sending light signals into it

Crystals in our microtubular neurons are our self programming material
Consciousness gets computed by information in perpetual motion
Which determines our resonant frequency

With our mind we can bend light and create torsion waves
As we give off information and photons we direct electricity
And manifest in the ultraviolet realm

The ultraviolet spectrum was the vibration of Saturn in the former ages

Melatonin absorbs light which affects the spin of your electrons
And changes your position in space and time

Your bio resonance is your specific frequency
Which you can utilize to upgrade the whole

Hope uplifts your energy state
And a positive mindset will attract higher positive influences

Blue light will expand your luminescence
It will resonate in you a thermodynamic equilibrium
And enhance the energy of the mind

Our cells use electrical light and sound as energy
For repair and restoration

Luminiferous electric liquid or plasma is the basis of creation
It is present in the charged forces of nature
When we are one with nature we absorb it

We determine who we are by our choices
And we determine our destiny by choosing our energy

By helping other beings however we can
We choose better energy
And a brighter future for ourselves!