The Temple of Apollo at Delphi was built upon a large terrace supported by a polygonal wall
This was where the Pythia delivered prophetic words
The Pythia were the temple priestesses named after Pythos

Above a chasm in a restricted room called the Adyton
The priestess sat atop a tripod chair
And breathed in hydrocarbon gases of plasma that escaped from the fissure in the ground

She was filled with the Spirit and spoke in tongues
In other words the priestess fell into a type of trance and talked with incomprehensible words
Which only a priest could supposedly translate

Further up on the slopes of Mount Parnassus was the Corycian Cave
Which also emitted vapors

Here after communicating with the gods
Revelers would abandon themselves to Dionysian frenzies
And naked dancers would gyrate themselves to music

Mount Parnassus means shining rocks
The celestial Mount Parnassus had twin peaks as does the one in Greece
The cosmic peaks were the terminals of the axis in front of Saturn or gates of heaven

Visitors would walk up the Sacred Way which symbolized the axis mundi
And would first come to the Athena Pronoia which means Athena before the temple

It was a circular building with a conical roof supported by a ring of outer columns
And had a giant statue of Athena

The stadium of Apollo was where the Pythian Games took place every 4 years
They were 1 of 4 Pan Hellenistic games where athletes performed naked
These events were occasions of music dancing and poetry

Mars had a stick a ring and a ball with which he would indulge in sports
They would fall into the netherworld and he had to open a hole to get to them
The celestial realm was imitated in the terrestrial world

The goddess Pandora had a perfect figure and a beautiful face
She wore the finest garments and jewelry
She beguiled men with her sultry voice
Her erotic aura was irresistible

Pandoras Box was the shining brilliance of her auric energy
The same radiant brightness as the torch of Columbia or the fire of Prometheus

Pandora was Athena and both were different aspects of Venus
Her glory and glamour was endeavored to be captured

In the Athena Pronoia
Visitors would feel like they were in the presence of the Great Goddess!