We are living light
We give off photons
Which are concentrated amounts of energy in an electrical system

One photon can spark molecular reactions
Molecules keep their light as they descend from light into mass

An electron is excited by an orbital jump when it is ionized
When it has a change of energy

We are a conglomerate of diversified light
Whose harmony is up to each individual
The bioengineering of a superhuman can be done by light

If one gets their energy from life giving plasma
They would no longer have to eat or sleep
They could reverse their age and be immortal in their current body

The first beings in this realm were like that
They were fed by the plasma energy coming down the north celestial axis
And from the divine planets whose energy still affects us

The brain is a quantum computer capable of phenomenal computations
Our DNA has infinite capacity
It produces the optical and sound hologram of ourselves
Giving off information as light in space and time

Vitamin C is an electron donor
Rose hips are an excellent source of Vitamin C

Copper gives off atoms that are needed to generate electricity
For our bio photonic light field

When our light field is strong we are joyful living in the moment
We will have no disease

C-60 molecules have immense electrical properties
It will upgrade all genes

Electricity is how we regenerate our entire soul
When we reach out to others we connect to them and expand our living light soul

All living beings natural to this world have souls
Eating other life that share our emotional make up
Disconnects us from them
And we limit our ability to expand!