Nostradamus predicted a meteorite hit
A massive earthquake causing rising water levels
And a zombie apocalypse

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening
Is a member of the Illuminati
That is why that show can predict the future

Project Looking Glass uses Time Lensing technology
To see the future and predict possible outcomes

The 2020 Olympics in Japan were postponed until 2021
Because that is when Apollyon who is Mars
Is supposed to rise from the abyss with his army

The abyss was the lower heaven in the former sky
And the army was plasmoids accompanying Mars

Japan is according to the occult world under the realm of Mars

The flag of Japan is a red circle signifying Mars

Operation Blue Beam uses holographic technology
But real entities can operate in a holographic existence
They can shift and morph using the CGI analogue system

There are a lot of other beings out there

The power density of a transmitting antennae is very high
They are not harmless cell towers

A pastor can get $2000.00 a month
If they hide one in their steeple

An EMP from a cell phone tower
Will take down electronics
Such as phones and computers

It is also the kill switch
Affecting heavy metals around your cells
Like aluminum foil in a microwave oven

An EMP is coming
It will temporarily stop AI
But a lot of people will drop