Britany Spears has 40 million followers on Instagram
She also has a handler
A handler makes sure a mind control victim does not start having independent thoughts

She has been continually sexually abused by the higher ups

She has to give pints of her blood every week
Because it is a cherished drink by the vampiric elite

She has been cloned over a hundred times
Her clones are sold to twisted rich people
Who use the clone as a maid and a sexual toy

She willingly sold her DNA to become a star

Her Instagram page is programmed to flash psychotronic mind control codes
To her 40 million unsuspecting followers

Hollywood is completely controlled by the elite
If you are not willing to play by their rules you will not make it
You might get small parts here and there

Sports is a big distraction
It corrals tribal tendencies into a non important event
While liberties are giggled away as inconsequential

NFL quarterbacks are Freemasons
Who are given steroids so that they can throw really far

They flash out hand signals before each play
Alerting the defense to what they are supposed to do
Many Quarterbacks such as Tom Brady have been cloned

Major league baseball and the NBA also give steroids
To the ones who are willing to join the Freemasons

Good to average college players turn into NBA stars
Who are then cloned

The vast majority of news anchors and sports reporters are now cloned
They suffer robotic malfunction on the air
And become like creepy motionless waxed figures
Who need a trigger word such as Come Back to bring them back

Another example of clone glitching is slurred speech
Another one is fainting spells

High ranking military officers and even the fake astronauts will all of a sudden faint
This might be from a control switch
That is triggered because the clone is not saying the right thing

Heads of State and Presidents will have twitching episodes
This is because they are reptilians in human bodies
That are regular users of adrenochrome
Adrenochrome is made from the adrenaline of tortured children

Bidon and Trump are both reptilian actors
Cheered on and followed by a naive public!