Donald Trump is a reptilian cyborg
A cyborg is a synthetic body wrapped in human flesh

More and more celebrities are now cyborgs
Such as Mohawk Bend and Miquela

They live lives like we do

There are also military cyborgs
Equipped with a sonic cannon arm
That can emit over 130 decibels
Enough to cause serious damage

Many other celebrities such as Elon Musk are chipped
A slit eye is a sign of being microchipped
So is constant blinking

The person accesses information from the chip
They will hesitate to answer a question
Because they are in processing mode

Clones will glitch
And the handler has to clap
To keep them from slipping out of programming

Some clones are raised for the sole purpose
Of being harvested for their parts

Synthetic celebrities are common
And they age quickly

The higher elite are constantly transitioning
Into higher caliber clones called robotoids
In their desperate search for immortality

Once reptilians get into human form
They clone over and over