The Los Angeles Rams were the winners of the Super Bowl
The Hollywood Sign in the Hollywood Hills
Was even temporarily changed in honor of the Rams

The NFL is totally run by Freemasons
All the owners head coaches and most all the key players especially the Quarterbacks are Freemasons
Super Bowl winners are chosen beforehand

Super Bowl is an anagram of Superb Owl
The Owl which was a representation of Venus in the former age
Is a symbol of Freemasonry

The halftime show is all about Illuminati ritual and belief
They also reveal what the Illuminati is up to

Dr Dre comes out with a map of Los Angeles on his hand
He appears like a god figure come down to control the city
He and Snoop Dogg stand on buildings which are on top of a map of LA

Stairways are numerous and are important symbols in Freemasonry
They symbolize the Stairway to Heaven which was the North Polar Axis
There are 33 steps one has to climb to get to the Eye in the Sky
Venus was the All Seeing Eye of Saturn
And 33 is the number of a top Freemason

Snoop Dogg descends the stairs and enters the world of a normal person
The black and white checkerboard floor is also Freemason symbolism

The rapper 50 Cent is hanging upside down on the ceiling below
The room is bathed in red which is the color of Sacrifice

Mary J Blige appears in a leopard print outfit
When a celebrity is in a leopard like outfit
That means they are an Illuminati sex kitten

The stadium is bathed in purple
There is the Freemason Red Lodge and the Freemason Blue Lodge
Together they make purple which deceives the masses

There are boxes in the shape of black cubes
Black cubes are worn by Jews symbolic of Saturn
Moslems pray to the Black Cube in Mecca 5 times a day

The boxes have Dr Dre written on them which has a 33 degree numerical value

Guys with a bleach blonde hairdo get out of the boxes
They stomp all over the map of Los Angeles
The bleach blonde hair is symbolic of MK Ultra mind control

Kendrick Lamar then shows up and as he is rapping he puts his fingers to his head
In the shape of a gun

A writing that says Eve After Dark shows up
Then Eminem appears on a building which blows up
While normal people with wristbands are sitting watching with faces illuminated
They have prison clothes on and are siting in lower levels
They seem to be happy prisoners

There is also a person wearing a sweater that looks like the corona virus with blood

During the second half players with the number 91 99 and 19 are seen together

The player who catches the winning pass flashes a 666 sign
It was his 33rd catch of the year!