We are fed frequencies of ancient astrological symbols which we mirror
Symbols are fields of vibrating information

The brain interprets these electrical signals as part of our reality
Our world is a construction of what is going on inside our mind

The brain processes data by decoding light and sound waves
Just like the Universal Mind decodes information

Colors are frequencies
And what the color it is
Is determined in our brain according to the frequency it receives

Frequency is the delivery system of light information
Because of deactivated DNA we are only able to perceive a tiny frequency band in the color spectrum

Our DNA can hold hundreds of terabytes or even many petabytes of data
We are walking around with hard drives
That are able to store millions if not billions of years of information

The universe is in us
We just do not realize it

Epigenetic memories are passed down to 14 generations inside the DNA
A fear of heights is an inheritable trait
We are genetically our ancestors

The Great Architect Saturn is creating our fake reality
We are attuned to the rings of Saturn which are a band of frequencies
Sound = frequency = reality

The rings are a broadcast system of light infused with codes
They contain spokes and braids which make up the wheel in the sky

The blue light circles on the moon shine with electric blue
And are referred to as blue jam

The moon beams Saturns frequencies with far greater power and thus greater influence
The moon manipulates the mood of humans

If the moon left a big calm would usher in over the earth
Telepathy would increase and interdimensional connections would sprout

People would see new colors in an enhanced color spectrum
And our blood chemistry would change

The walls of separation would cease
And barriers in our minds would open up

The death star of Star Wars is our moon
As well as 2 moons of Saturn

The Borg in Star Trek are the transhumanist beings
That are the Greys who fly around in dark cube shaped objects
Which go into the ring system and continually remake them

The permanent hexagon storm at the north pole of Saturn
Is in sync with Saturns radio emissions

The hexagon the cube and the six pointed star
Are expressions of the same energetic state

Saturn is pictured with the scythe and is the grim reaper
Christmas is the date of the birth of the new Saturn with its control system of rings

The sky is a firewall of a computer simulation

The moon keeps us in a controlled consciousness
As we assimilate frequencies through our eyes from Saturn into our DNA

We are locked in a holographic reality of a specific resonance
That constantly projects a narrative of vibration

The lesser keys of Saturn is the lower vibrating music of Pan
Who is the goat human or Baphomet

We can overcome the Saturn Moon matrix
By vibrating at a higher awareness!