Implants in the flu vaccine
Are smaller than a hairs width

The biochips circulate in the bloodstream
And lodge in the brain
Enabling messages to appear in ones brain

Diseases introduced to the body from chemtrails
Are activated in the population be ELF waves
That create disturbances in the biological processes

Chemicals in the chemtrails as well as pharmaceuticals
Block interaction of various amino acids
That relate to higher consciousness

Dopamine levels are reduced

Fluoride and selenium impair the left occipital lobe
Disabling ones willpower and lowering IQ

These result in a spaced out lower reactive mind

The city of Philadelphia and west coast cities in particular
Are seeing a big increase in homelessness as ELF activation occurs

Some cities like Salt Lake City disappear their homeless rather than help them
Flood victims and others who wind up in homeless shelters are also disappeared

Additional toxins and food poisons literally alter brain chemistry
Creating docility and apathy

Aspartame and MSG are neurotoxins
Which now go by pseudonyms such as natural flavor
And will excite brain cells until they die

Fast food industries contain these poisons

These deliberate practices has created a population
That lacks focus and motivation

It has groomed the masses for passive receptiveness of the dictatorial elite

Muammar Gadafi the former President of Libya
Wanted free food homes and energy for everyone

He believed someone renting another persons property is not a free person
He was for no wage earning only partners in work
Because wage disparity leads to an exploitive society

He wanted a United States of Africa
And was building the North Africa River Project
Bringing up crystal clear water from below the desert
He was on the verge of turning North Africa into the breadbasket of Africa

But American and English bombers destroyed it
And our news called him a rogue leader called wild

A healthy intelligent population is not desired by the elite!