When George Bush was at the elementary school in Florida during 911
The kids were reciting the words Kite planes must hit steel
And reading from a book called My Pet Goat

The goat is the Baphomet and the kids were unwittingly casting a spell

Rituals are a big part of the occult
They are aware how energy can be used to manifest an agenda

911 was a mass sacrifice for the purpose of mind control
Obama bin laden was just a CIA tool

Just as Confederate soldiers were conditioned to follow the orders
Of the Freemason Robert E Lee
And walk right into enemy fire

So has 911 conditioned our minds to follow orders so that we can defeat the fake enemy

Human bodies contain a myriad of data processers
The light sensitive retina and the cornea
The hair cells of the inner ear
And the chemical electrical activity of the peripheral nervous system
To name a few

They influence the psyche of a person and modify their consciousness

Symbols are also a big part of the occult
They hearken back to the former age
When celestial plasma configurations in close proximity to our world
Were assigned representative meaning

Because of their impact they embedded an archetypal unconscious memory in the human psyche
Which is utilized by the Illuminati occult

Hermes was the planet Mercury which regularly moved down the Universal Axis towards earth
As it did it changed appearance and so was alluded to as a magician
But also as a thief or a liar with a hidden agenda
He is typically shown on one knee

The whole program of taking a knee alludes to Mercury
A statue of Hermes is also the first thing you see at the Louve Museum in Paris
They are telling you to your face what is going on

Symbols to the past age include
The rainbow the all seeing eye the rainbow devil horns stairway to heaven
Stars crescents and crosses
Checkerboard floor
Woman in a red dress the Owl the Phoenix
The Messiah the Antichrist Fallen Angels the Baphomet
A magic rope the 1000 points of light in the House of God
The cosmic pillars Boaz and Jachin
The list goes on

They all have their origin in the previous celestial sky
And the symbols affect people at the subconscious level

They produce energy which is used by the Illuminati
To manifest their desires
And to control the masses!