On July 9 there will be a cyber drill
You Tube will discontinue any political incorrect information

A hidden hand is a sign of a Master of the 2nd Veil

CERN had a human sacrifice
Skull and Bones does the same thing

Celebrities are also sacrificed
But in a different way
A tribute is given beforehand

The Kiss of Death is a rite of passage
And pointing up means the act is approved

The flashing of the eye
Means the celebrity is marked for sacrifice

Outfits made of human teeth
And common body arts are worn

Whitney Houston was sacrificed

Pit viper venom is being used in the vaccine
It causes concurrent bleeding in the brain
And leaking in the vascular system

A synthetic spike protein never seen before
Is being released in the vaccine

These proteins stay outside of the cell membrane
Effecting the receptor binding sites
And entry into the cell

And there is an inflammatory response

Advertisements for the vaccines
Were saying it was for ages 16 and up
Now they are saying 12 and up

Kids can have the vaccine
And get a free doughnut
Or flesh burger

While adults can get in a lottery drawing
Or maybe win Super Bowl tickets
And even win a free lap dance

The Galveston Flood of 1900
Was on September 5
5 = 2 + 3
Or 923

Obelisks are monoliths which could broadcast power
It was a wireless transmission of electrical energy
Remote locations could pick up the power

Water was energized by the activization of its molecules
Bringing health to all who partook of it

You can also activate water with your mind
When you send out positive electrical energy
In the form of thoughts

It is about intent
And projection

In this density
Thought manifestation is slower

Reptilian entities and negative vibrational aliens
Have a hard time working with energies in this realm

Another law of this realm
Is that everything must come out into the open!