The Multiverse is a group
Of multiple universes
Where different versions happen simultaneously

A CGI or computer graphic illustration
Are real living synthetics from the multiverse

Our 5D or 5th dimensional plane of existence
Is being used as a genetic experiment
By interdimensional entities

Our impulses are being redirected
To that of an artificial state of consciousness
That resembles sleep

We are unwitting accomplices
Being lulled into a trance

Frequencies such as that in music and from television
Are being sent out
That target parts of the mind
To make us indifferent to ourselves and others
Focusing only on our own gain

Humans exist within a secret dominion
Of a blood drinking reptilian humanoid race
Who use their shapeshifting powers
To disguise themselves as normal human beings
Hiding in plain sight

Draco reptilians are psychic vampires
Who feed off our negative emotions
Such as terror and panic
They invisibly harvest that energy

We are being programmed with occult magic
With words that cast spells and curses on us

During Satanic rituals of secret societies
They stand 6 feet apart
And wear masks

High ranking members such as Hugh Hefner
Get rewarded with pretty girls
Raised in cloning labs

And others such as Steven Spielberg
Eat babies

But we eat baby animals everyday
And do not even think twice about it

Reptilians with the cooperation of the Shadow Government
Are planning a worldwide takeover

Which includes a dystopia
The electric grid will be knocked out
Bank accounts will disappear

Project Blue Beam will make the firmament
Seem like it has been cracked
And aliens will be seen to come through it

There will also be a fake rapture
And a fake Messiah

A good date to look for the beginning of the Final Takeover is
November 5 2021