In the movie Midnight Mass
The communion wine is spiked with alien vampiric blood

It gives people strength
Enables a crippled girl to walk
Makes older people younger
And causes healing
Enabling one to discard her glasses

The young Father preaches
Whoever drinks the blood of Jesus will have eternal life

The Sacrament of Mass gets very popular
And the church becomes crowded with people

But there is a drawback
The thirst for blood starts to consume the attendees

The congregation is visited by an angel
Who is actually a winged Draconian
Like a Mothman

It is his blood that spikes the wine

When we consume foreign blood it changes our DNA
For instance consuming animal muscles which we call meat makes us less human

DNA configurations code protein chains
Which imprint our mind

Our aura sends this information to the Morphogenetic Fields
Also called the Akashic Records

Vaccinations inject foreign DNA right into the bloodstream

Our original DNA had 12 strands and was of a silicate nature
Now we have 2 strands and are carbon based

But we can change our DNA through our thoughts and beliefs
We can connect to different colored frequency spectrums in the ionospheric Aether
Which hold historical timelines

We can alter events of the past
When we change our DNA

We can key code our DNA to power vortices or stargates
Which hold conscious energy
That reaches into the chalice structure of the earth
With sound and color waves

The original stargate is the Graal Point
Where consciousness first entered

We have to release our negative ego mind
Which locks us into the density of matter
And our subatomic particles will resonate into higher frequencies

Every ascending wave has a different subatomic particle structure

There are Midnight Masses being performed all over the world
The Pope the Cardinals and many others are vampires
And partake in Illuminati Blood rituals

But meat eaters are vampires too

What will happen in the Apocalypse when the 5G is cranked up
Will the thirst for blood also be cranked up

Will zombies break into houses
Looking for humans to consume!