Starting on March 11 billions of genetically altered mosquitoes
Are being released in California amidst widespread opposition

The reason given is to combat Yellow Fever the Zika Virus and Dengue Fever
None of which currently exist in California

The GMO mosquitoes were created by the Oxitec biotech firm

The plan is to get the rest of the country this summer
Then expand it to the world

Like vaccines the mosquitoes do not prevent viruses they give viruses
The mosquitoes are for depopulation

The viruses will kill people gradually
They do not want it to be too obvious
The media will call it a flu outbreak

WW3 will be a perfect smokescreen for the continuance of this project
The citizenry is the enemy of the New World Order

When one partakes in the system
They are giving consent to be attacked
The others are collateral damage

It is a dark magician consent based system
That casts out trans resident spells

WW3 will also see Hawk Drones that have a 15 foot wingspan
They seem like normal birds
But can attack with a warhead

There is also the Robo Raven
Which is so lifelike it gets attacked by hawks
It has surveillance and attack capability

The most sinister and diabolical AI drone technology
Are the Swarm Bots
Where 2 grams of shape charge explosives
Are carried by Micro Drones

The miliary is a pawn in the reptilian controller agenda
Which is run through elite families
That first got their start in secret societies in Atlantis

Such as the Brotherhood of the Snake or the Sons of Belial
And later integrated with Egyptian Mystery Schools

You see Egyptian symbolism everywhere
Our currency is heavily infiltrated with Egyptian Black Magic references

The Anubian Black Heart system is an artificial network of reversal frequencies
Which redirects the plasma or Prana of the Central Vortex
Unplugging our DNA

Anubis was the Egyptian god of the Underworld
That ate unworthy souls or black hearts

A diamond heart transmission from the Aquamarine Mother or Venus
Would heal a black heart

Before the hijacking of the plasma central vortex
Which was our inner energy source
There was no death!