There is a green fireball that has been seen all over the world
For the past 10 years
Some say they are meteors
Some say UFOs
Some say burning satellites
Some say it is CERN creating portals

There are many references to green in Illuminati movies
In Independence Day missiles are deflected by an alien force field
In the Wizard of Oz where the wizard is in control of a false reality
The wicked witch is green
In Batman the Riddler character is an emerald green
In Alice in Wonderland the Mad Hatter has a green hat and a green chair
In the Mask Jon Careys head turns green when he gets possessed
In Pirates of the Caribbean there is a green ghost army
And a green light when they cross realms
In the movie 13th Floor the 13th floor was green
The Incredible Hulk is green
In the movie Greenland a comet fragment strikes Tampa Florida
And the rest of the world will be bombarded in the next 2 days

Other astronomical references to green are Krisna and Osiris
Both are Mars gods that have descended to save the world
Are typically painted green
The Garden of Eden which was the area around Venus was green

Venus was green or turquoise in mythology
The Eye of Saturn was green

The dark Underworld was greenish
A previous Super Bowl had Jay Lo dancing on a green Pit or Abyss
Symbolizing demons waiting for the opening of the Abyss of Revelation 9:11
The main color of the Northern Lights is green

Other references are
Green emerald headbands worn by Khamzat vs Burns in the UFC 273 final face off
In the Illuminati Masters golf tournament the winner gets a green jacket
The Emerald Tablets which are a hoax are said to contain the secrets of the universe
The Philosopher Stone in Harry Potter was green
Money is green

In the movie The Matrix
The code that is used to write this illusion
Is an emerald green computer coding

Kryptonite which hurts Superman who is battling for humanity is green
Maleficent the Mistress of Evil has a crown of emerald stars

Billie Eilish and other young Hollywood personalities are sporting green hair

The Luciferase which will make the fluorescent Mark of the Beast will be green
The new vaccine passport is green

The new I Phone commercial has a green phone shapeshifting into graphene and then back again
Electromagnetic energy resonates a light green color
Aliens and Reptilians are green

The Monster Energy Drink which has 3 slashes which in Hebrew means 666
The slashes are green

Green is the center of the visible light spectrum
Plants are green because they take advantage
Of the widest possible position in the light spectrum

These comets are artificial and are symbolizing our transition to transhumanism

We are angels that have been tricked by a trance into the entrance of a synthetic world
Entrance = In Trance!