In the movie Dark City
Mysterious beings stop time and alter reality

Atlantis is still in existence
On the other side of the Ice Wall

The Vibes of the Cosmos determine what will appear
Despite the manipulation of instruction codes

To return this world to its former glory
All it takes is our belief

A psychic weapon is blinding humans
From their amazing life force within them

When we hold low service to others
We are not on an ascension path

We have to break through the new set of genetic instruction codes
Within our consciousness

We have to become alchemists
Activate our free will
And move into destiny

The full moon sends scalar waves of low frequencies
That encode patterns of encryptions within our subconscious

Pulsed technology is all around us
Cell phone towers emit radiation that is sent to our computer monitors television screens and cell phones
Creating social engineering behavior modification

When our frequency resonates with the directed frequencies
It becomes a perfect avenue to send information

Whole cities such as Seattle are massive proving grounds
Of microwave auditory effects

A planned disaster will set of WW3

The Codex of Migi dictates that the Antichrist has light colored hair
This has allusions to the White Crown of Mars

A Blood Moon will hearken the commencement
Of the Black Awakening

It symbolizes the attack of Lucifer
Which was Mars the red planet

The Sauron alien Trump will lead the war cry!