We are an infinite potential of Source
That is beautifully arranged within our genetic code

We take in Source Energy as frequency
And when it comes into our range we self organize it

The DNA processes the vibrational information
And it goes into the chakra system
Our vibration becomes our experience

Oscillations of electromagnetic waves will neutralize embedded programs
You can create a vibrational wave with tuning forks
And by just doing circles with your hand

An electrode with a high frequency violet ray
Will reenergize your life force
Which travels through your spine in the cerebrospinal fluid

When we put ourselves in a state of homeostasis
We can transmute our emotional energy
And change it into another expression that we desire

When we vocally or mentally tell people we love them
We create a harmonic wave of electrical energy
When we smile we maintain that positive outflow of frequency

The rhythm of deep breathing and anchoring in the heart empowers you
Visualizing your aura field with a bright color stimulates your chakra system

The color spectrum is also a spectrum of frequency
Blue has the highest vibration

There are legitimate reason for why we act the way we do
But at the same time we can choose to be who we desire
We are only happy when we are our true self

Focus on your golden light of creative power
Create a vibrational signature that magnetically attracts others

Where your attention goes your energy flows

Master your energy and be a fountain of life!