Do not entertain negative belief systems
Nightmarish beliefs can translate into physical realities

Be positive and compassionate
Be an independent being filled with the breath of life

Unless directly interfered with by targeted transmission
You create your dream life
What dreams come true is determined by your state of consciousness

When you are in a dream you think it is real
If you never wake up from it how would you know it was a dream

We are a filing cabinet of data
We keep pulling information from our subconscious network causing us to repeat patterns
Resulting in hypnotic like behavior

We are being manipulated at all levels to operate on a low frequency vibration
The flicker rate of a TV flashes frequencies into you
Putting you in an alpha brain wave state
Which hypnotizes you into being receptive to mind control programming

Negative belief systems are then put forth and we are like open sponges
We trust the paid informant more than we do a family member

Once you are initially hypnotized from then on it becomes easier each time
To the point where a word or snap of the fingers can get your mind ready for accepting negative influences

We have been downgraded and put under a spell of impotency
We think we are free but we are being restrained

In the movie Men in Black
They have a machine where they mind wipe a person and then install new memory
Making a person think that they are someone else

We are in a dream and do not realize it
And we are being manipulated in the dream
Into believing a false narrative about ourselves

Welcome to the Grand Illusion!