The light of the moon is cold
It is not the reflected light of the sun
The moon is a mirror of the earth

The earth is flat and it is a lot bigger than we think it is
Whole continents are being hidden
The hollow earth is also being kept from the public

The Thule society was supposed have been composed of a super race with mystical powers
And to have come from the hollow earth
They originally inhabited the island of Thule in the north

They were focused on Vril energy
Which is the same as Chi energy or Prana or Orgone
The Odic Force or the Holy Spirit

Odin was the Norse god Saturn who formerly was located at the north celestial pole

Vril energy is the energetic plasma in the north polar column
This universal axis is now in dark mode and does not circulate as before
It is still visible as the Norhtern Lights

Humans are meant to be receivers of this health and life giving force

In the past the ley lines were a lot more vibrant because of this plasma
Power stations which are now Cathedrals mosques and churches
Were built on these ley lines

Instead of being energized at Cathedrals
Humans are now programmed by Cathode ray tubes in TVs
Which send out a radio frequency pulse

Modern windmills also send out a low vibration

Frequency fences have been set up

It is all about keeping us in a low awareness
So our energy can be exploited

We can overcome these barriers
By our mind and our spirit

Imagine a world using free natural energy
And humans interacting with heart based intentions

When we hold on to a positive state of mind
The darkness goes away!