We are divine beings on a journey of expansion
We live in touch with the subtle vibration of the cosmos

The energy force of creation flows through every living being and permeates the universe
It is available to those who seek it
But difficult to access if our minds are clouded by worry and anxiety

When we worry we create a barrier between ourselves and divine energy

When we let go of worry and embrace faith hope and love
We open ourselves up to infinite possibilities and to spiritual blessings

We become guided by the Divine
And we flow with the currents of creation

Worrying is a misuse of our imagination
It is a way of creating an illusion of a future that we do not want
It impedes our progress and disconnects us

Worrying distorts our perception of reality and causes confusion
It robs us of the joy and beauty of the present moment
When we worry we create a negative energy that draws a negative outcome

Our energy vibration attracts a visible result
We constantly create our reality through the energy we emit
Our thoughts emotions and beliefs are all vibrations that determine our experience

Embrace the present moment to the fullest
Prioritize introspection and release self judgement
When we forgive ourselves we open up space for healing and transformation

Cultivate positive virtues
We must align our intentions and values with our words and actions

Release negative karma and free yourself from the chains of the past
Eat healthy and do not consume animals

Sow seeds of good karma
Heal your wounds and produce a fertile field for positive growth

Treat every being with kindness and respect
Recognize the interconnectedness of all life

Gratitude cultivates a positive mindset
And opens us up to the abundance of the present moment

Embrace opportunities for expansion!