The Dark Cube is everywhere
It is a symbol of victory
Of the taking over of our realm

The Black Cube is cracked and represents
The Polar region of Saturn

Saturn was our Father God
Raining life giving ultraviolet energy upon our world
Giving us abundance beyond measure

But was expunged from its close abode
In the north polar sky

The Ka’ba in Mecca is a small shrine of cemented stone
In the shape of a cube
Encased in a slightly raised black cloth

Hundreds of millions of Moslems
5 times a day
Turn toward this place in prayer

During the pilgrimage to Mecca
Every Muslim must perform the Tawaf
Which is an anti clockwise circumambulation around the cube

It is done 7 times
3 at brisk pace

The circling represents the 7 major rings of Saturn
The inner 3 move at a higher velocity
All rotate counterclockwise

Saturn has the highest and lowest frequencies anywhere
The rings trap lower energy

The energy now is pushed through an amplification system on the moon

The amplified frequencies are forwarded down to earth
Creating the false reality we live in

The moon is also a soul trapping machine

When you die your soul gets trapped
Memories are erased
And you are sent back

You move in a circle with the same people
In this thought projected hologram

Where humans are batteries or power stations for the matrix
Which feeds on negative emotions such as fear

We produce the power for our own prison
Trapping ourselves within vibrational walls

The world is a vibrational field of codes
A holographic illusion of many series of numbers
That create the deception of life and death
By projecting light energy and wave patterns

The universe shares a high number of frequencies
Same as radio or television share the same airwaves

The moment is fast approaching
When human potential is realized
And connects with its true and infinite self

We will then wake up to the dream world
That we have been living in!