Joshua 10:12 states that the sun stopped in the middle of the sky
The former sun was Saturn who rested after his creation

Saturn was Buddha the resting god
And the Genie of the Pivot who lives fixed in the middle of the sky

Joshua and Moses were Castor and Pollux or Romulus and Remus
Celestial agents were brought down to earth and personified

The phrase Once in a blue moon referred to the former crescent
The Blue Moon the Blue Kachina the Blue Ox and the Blue Krishna result from the Blue Beam
That fires up at the end of an age from the Axis Mundi

Blue is the hottest in the color spectrum
And is the last stage of the apocalyptic sky

Pentecost was the 50 flames of the Star Mother or Venus
Who was the Guardian of Celestial Animation

She was the long haired Ceres in the throne of God who I adjoin to sing
Of her radiance and eternal spring

A beauty whose rival I have never yet
Come across or met

With all the goddesses that will ever be
Exalted in the Muses melody

The bright haired lover of ill gotten joys
Is the amorous one of passionate noise

Seen with the nymphs of nimble knees
Who race through the Fair Green adorned with trees

Amid the thicket they dance sweetening their song
Echoing their contentions and repercussions so strong

Many gods and goddesses had projections of outflowing discharges
That were portrayed as horns

Many of them such as Pan Dionysus and the Satyrs
Were all depicted as being licentious promiscuous and lustful
Thus the word horny also means sexual

Venus was not just the Goddess of Love and eroticism

I will rejoice at the coming of the shining light of Inanna
Who descends from above and blesses us in her starlight

The plasma energy rays from Venus
Triggers DNA codes and activates information within us
Creating new timelines

And enkindling in us
To follow trails of inspiration!