It is critical to develop virtue ethics
And a strong moral character
To strengthen your inner spiritual foundation

It is also critical to delete self limiting attitudes
And go beyond your personal fear of the unknown
To access your inherit abilities

The energy movement in the body is a spiral motion
It flows through the circuitry of the organs

Open your heart to the genius of the soul body

When we are mentally in fear the body tenses up
And constricts the energy flow
From this state we have a propensity to channel inner child personalities
Embrace your inner child with love and acceptance

Disconnect from your wounded ego by rational observation and self love
Benevolent behavior towards yourself and others
Will cause emotional conflicts to dissolve

You are strength experiencing a full range of intense frequencies
Realize there is nothing to be afraid of

Feel the emotion to the fullest
Then let it go and see yourself in a new resonance
In a completely different timeline of reality

Carry the vibration of a new beginning
A new era of being that incorporates your future self
And the fear will fade into love

Visualize the expansion of your toroidal field and chakra vortexes
Clear any stagnant thought forms that do not allow your full expression
And you will not have to play a role of being at the mercy of exaggerated emotions

Imagine how powerful you are
Practice forgiveness and acceptance

Give thanks for all your experiences
And you will allow new positive energy in

With the key of a very potent sound wave
You will unlock the barriers
That lead to your inner treasures!