Embrace your greatness
And have an extraordinary life

Be mindful of self sabotaging thought patterns
Create a positive and powerful vision of yourself

Trust in your ability to shape your reality
Through the power of your mind

The universe is always responding to your vibration
So start in the frequency of what you want to attract

Do not let others opinions determine your reality
You are the creator of your experience
You are the master over your mind

The outside reality is a reflection of your inner world
You have the power to transform any situation

Believe you can manifest the life you want
Have a bold vision and be daring in your goals
Realize you can achieve anything

Do not give up in the face of obstacles
Maintain an attitude of success and abundance
You attract what resides within you

Do not blame others
Nor think you are a victim of circumstance

Cultivate a deep appreciation for your life
Be grateful for all blessings no matter how big or small

Gratitude shifts your mindset from lacking to abundance
And it opens the door for more blessings in your life

Let go of internal struggle
What you resist persists

The power of transformation lies in the present moment
Allow yourself to be fully present in the now

When you connect yourself to the current time
You free yourself from the prison of a conditioned mind!