As massive shifts begin in awakening resonance and healing
The dark side becomes more desperate to sabotage our ascension

As the trajectory of potent vibrational sequences based in the 5d platform
Are downloaded into our DNA
The attempt to block our moving to the next level becomes more frantic

They are doing everything to push you against the wall
To make you consent to their negative manipulation

The scripted narrative is that the bird flu or avian flu
Is way worse than Covid
And you will need a new round of injections

The prescribed drug will be Peramivir
Which is a concoction of lab viruses
Such as influenza SARS and HIV

The side effects of Peramivir is
Altered behavior and seizures
Unusual neurological abnormalities
Confusing thoughts and hallucinations
Swelling lesions and scaly reptilian skin
Seeing things that are not there

After people take the drug
CNN MSNBC FOX NPR etc will all say
Look the invisible viruses are flying around everywhere
People are turning into zombies
Injections should be mandatory

The fake PCR tests will be used to say
Whole neighborhoods have been affected
They all have to go to quarantine camps

Then they will say
Be a good citizen and go willingly on board the transport bus
Do not resist the armed guards

Phase 1 was to take down a persons immune system
Phase 2 is to hit them with lab viruses

Massive shipments of Peramivir have already taken place

2 timelines are emerging
The eugenic transhumanism control system
And the higher octave of unity and compassion

We exist in a universe of duality and deception
Maintain your sovereignty

As Pluto comes into Aquarius
Darkness will come into light

Expand the threads of your bio field
And you will get beautiful images of your full expression

And the wheel of fortune
Will shine favorably upon you!