Holographic architecture place in the Consciousness Fields
Bend and control the refraction of light and sound

The aim is to infiltrate subvert and exploit humans
Who are underneath the reflection of light and frequency manipulation

By superimposing refracted light spectrums
The invading forces can create overlays of perception and identity
Which will control human consciousness

And make us subservient to their agenda
Which opens us up to possession

Many in the public square are on the wrong side of the fence
They want to poison our minds by enforcing belief systems
That project a master slave narrative

Give yourself permission to be your fully expanded self
Radiate with inner light
Your vibration is your experience

Practice proactive integration of everything you are
Cultivate your life force

We incarnate here simply to experience the law of cause and effect
How belief systems affect the underlying geometric structure

The way we experience ourselves is through the filter of perception

Get out of the blinding overlay of survival mentality
And into the now which is the state of creation

Surrender to all that you are
Including your trauma pain and separation

Let go of tension by taking deep breaths through the nostrils
Which will bring in the plasma ether into the base of the spine
And clear up the meridian lines

The 7th chakra is a refraction mechanism
It allows your life force to be refracted into all areas of your life

You paint the color of your highest expression through intention
Your highest state of consciousness on this earth plane
Is manifestation through imagination

You can manifest love sex harmony creativity money health purpose
Anything you want

Order is a product of flow and surrender
You exist as a conduit of the life force

When you access your self worth
You repair communication and open up your expression

You free trapped emotions
And dissolve karmic lessons that no longer serve you

That is how the universe functions!