Scientists and doctors are baffled
Because of the false positive result in the PCR test
In vaccinated individuals
Expecting it to be negative

But it is not false positive

Genetic material of the virus
Is put in the chimeric DNA
Which is then injected via the vaccine

Synthetic complimentary DNA
Can be integrated into the human genome
By the enzyme reverse transcriptase

Some vaccinated people are becoming suicidal
And showing signs of violent behavior

Some vaccinated people are dying of blood clots

And some just have a sore arm

The plan was a delay or incubation period between the vaccination
And the manifestation of side effects

Or else people would be deterred from taking it

The temporary stopping of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine
As well as the Astra Zeneca vaccine
Because of terrible side effects
Is only to make the sheeple believe
The government is on their side

It is easier to deceive
Than to convince people
They are being deceived