Sub realities of other platforms get into your timeline
When you believe them and emotionally react to them and focus on them
You will bring their frequencies into your reality

The belief that the only way to ascend is by dying is complete manipulation
We can only perceive of a reality that resonates to the frequency of our consciousness
The only way to move into the multi dimensional light is if you have a similar resonance

We can live forever in our current bodies
Experience tissue regeneration and age regression
If we hold the correct vibration

When you express your highest self to others
You project a vibrational sound continuum of sacred geometry into the quantum field
Start manifesting your sovereign self and teleport yourself into a positive hologram

Heartfelt intentions create beautiful designs in water
Forms emerge from the playground of your mind

Create self generating energy spontaneously
Understand and harness your creative powers
Unleash your bottled up lightning

Plasma is the force inside every cell of your body
It is what constitutes your magnetic field
And the quantum structure of the universe

Believe in yourself and open yourself up to higher awareness
And the universe will move in your favor

Tell yourself you have a spectacular life
A life full of meaning with a destiny of high importance

Endeavor to live a life rich with imagination
Confidently project out fantasies with the highest outcomes

Your signal has a noise called a frequency
It needs to be unleashed or you will disconnect from your highest potential

The universe wants to interact with you
It wants you to have fun

You are the universe
You are it!